Acrylic furniture create a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere

2016-11-29 cropsong

Out of the busy one day after the moment home, longing for a refreshing and pleasant world. Now, we start from the layout of the bedroom furniture, play imagination, change the furniture color, texture, home for a "loaded", you can create a refreshing and comfortable world.

Glass and metal furniture is the main force of doing my part, they not only feel cool, and a high degree of reflection, gives a stronger sense of cold. Clear and bright transparent glass furniture, transparent, no sense of oppression. It changed the past heavy, so that home becomes light up, bring a little flying feeling relaxed. Metal material is used for stents, the glass Piaofei find a solid fulcrum.

In recent years, the more popular crystal material also popular in the room. The most fashionable international "crystal furniture" that is, acrylic furniture, is actually made of an organic material. Acrylic surface for the methyl propionate, the back of the use of resin and glass fiber gypsum to enhance its hardness. Is extracted from the deep-sea oil, a composite product, both in appearance and texture are similar with the crystal, the permeability is also better than natural crystal, it is now the best alternative to create crystal handicrafts.

After high-tech special technology to deal with acrylic, its hardness is several times the ordinary glass, steel hardness than 2 to 3 times, with scratch-resistant, resistant to the characteristics of a smooth rounded, and without perspiration, fingerprints. Coffee table, bookshelves, TV cabinets, computer tables, the appearance of "gentle" pleasant acrylic furniture, highlighting the simple and clear, transparent avant-garde.

Remove all elements of the line of sight, so that everything is not obscured, so that everything glance. And these, simple, transparent to the ultimate glass, crystal bookshelves, TV cabinets can be done, the same streamlined design of water, shelf with glass, crystal peripheral made visually to achieve full open effect.