Cosmetics acrylic display cabinets

2016-12-07 cropsong

If you usually pay attention, you will see the previous cosmetics glass showcase, mostly by the acrylic cosmetics display stand to replace, and why? Cosmetics Showcase Acrylic is essential in the production of an environmentally friendly materials, processing performance super good, a wide range of rich colors, translucent crystal, exquisite no time to play the finishing touch to the effect of cosmetics, let your shop people into a refreshing , The feeling of luxury atmosphere. It is this visual effect, so that cosmetics work more smoothly, greatly enhance the store performance. If you want to make cosmetics more attractive, then it is inseparable from the acrylic material with the cosmetics showcase.

China's current acrylic brand emerging, the price is also very different, so what are the well-known brands? Acrylic board, the domestic market, imports of plates, Taiwan-funded board, domestic plate accounted for most of the acrylic board of the country. Japan's Mitsubishi and Germany Degu is the main support of the domestic acrylic import plate. Mitsubishi and Degussa have excellent transparency, excellent weather resistance, in the processing performance and overall performance is also very good, but also environmentally friendly non-toxic characteristics. In the cosmetics acrylic display cabinets, Sunday Knight Co., Ltd can be described as second to none. Sunday Knight Co., Ltd is a professional production of acrylic cosmetics display stand and its ancillary products factory, the company management philosophy is "people-oriented, scientific management, quality leadership, customer trust."

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, enterprise management continues to improve, a number of internationally renowned cosmetics brand partners. Sunday Knight Co., Ltd of experts to us, in the cosmetics counter, the acrylic is indispensable. So acrylic high-end cosmetic display stand what is special and advantages?

1, personalized custom: the current era is the pursuit of personality, fashion ideas! Then the acrylic crystal-like transparency, excellent processing performance, and a wealth of sheet color, customization for the acrylic provides a favorable conditions. You can customize your own creative acrylic frame, with a memorable acrylic calendar, for you to print a very real wedding, personal photos and other meaningful photos made desk calendar, is not unique new material?

2, the stability of the physical properties of acrylic: Let you from the processing of acrylic products is assured a hundred times. It is not like other mixed metal materials, wood, etc., easy to deformation, a long time to fade or impatient acid corrosion. Acrylic high and low temperature resistance ability, which is used in outdoor advertising acrylic one of the important characteristics of the industry.

3, various styles: acrylic sheet is not only easy to color rich, more important is the Rewan good performance, you can use cutting, saws, drilling and other tools on the acrylic plate for contour processing. Flexibility is relatively good. Under normal circumstances, the acrylic board will not crack, so the style of acrylic products is also very rich.