Acrylic bathtub with a standard

2016-12-12 cropsong

Fine study, the acrylic material of the bathroom products are not uncommon, including acrylic bathtub and acrylic basin, but the acrylic toilet is relatively less. And history for decades or even centuries of ceramic compared to acrylic sanitary ware in the bathroom industry is still considered a new material. On its production process and internal filling, etc., the state has no uniform standard. Reporters from the implementation of the national standard in 2006, "Sanitary Ceramics" GB6952-2005 to see that the scope of the standard test is ceramic and porcelain toilet, bathtub, basin and other sanitary products, acrylic material is not one of them. However, in 2011, the implementation of the building materials industry standard "glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub" (JC / T 779-2010), the acrylic bath into the standard.

According to insiders, acrylic material modeling easy, rich colors, compared to ceramic toilet, the production process is relatively simple. "In addition to ceramic sieve to screen material, many steps such as grinding, repair, spray and other processes need to be completed by hand, but also in the production and firing process yield is relatively low, and acrylic heating softening mold, the treatment is almost , The process is relatively simple. "However, the acrylic material is easy to aging, easy to use for a long time to change color, the surface easy to cut injury, and water absorption than ceramic high, easy to smoke pollution, life less than ceramic toilet.

On the bath products, the acrylic material lightweight, easy to do modeling, rich colors, feel and other characteristics of a moderate, it is more popular in the bathtub market. Acrylic basin shape, color-rich, but ceramic basin hardness than low, easy to scratch cut flowers.