What are the advantages and characteristics of plexiglass?

2017-05-23 cropsong

With the development of society, nowadays plexiglass has been more and more people's love and sought after, has been universal to all aspects of our lives.

The following is specialized in plexiglass products R & D and production of Sunday Knight Co., Ltd high professional technicians for everyone to share plexiglass relative to ordinary glass What are the advantages?

Why more and more people can be favored by it?

1. Plexiglass aesthetics: a mirror effect, exquisite craft, no wrinkles, no seams;

2. The plexiglass visual effects: a variety of colors, visual impact is very strong;

3. The transparency of plexiglass: light transmittance can reach 96%, excellent light transmission, the light is more soft;

4. The impact resistance of plexiglass: ordinary glass products more than 200 times, almost no risk of any break;

5. Plexiglass durability: the product has a very good protection on the built-in light source to extend the life of light source products;

6. Plexiglass weather resistance: to protect long-term does not fade, good quality plate life of up to 6 - 13 years;

7. Plexiglass flame resistance: no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing;

8. Plexiglass energy-saving: light transmission is very good, relatively reduce the light source, power, reduce the cost of use;

9. The rationality of plexiglass: rational design and rain and moisture, open the structure, easy to clean and maintenance.

Plexiglass is also called acrylic or acrylic, it applied to the field we can see everywhere, such as environmentally friendly acrylic furniture, Acrylic display case, Acryic display stands.