Plexiglass medal cheer for the game!

2017-06-01 cropsong

Plexiglass medal is a symbol of honor, is the winner of the effort to pay, medal weight must also meet the championship identity. Pinnacle plexiglass processing plant production of plexiglass medals, the use of imported plexiglass production, crystal-like luster lasting, clear texture even after decades of new glossy shine like a shine, so you every time every Engraved feel the real sense of honor.

Regardless of sports competitions, e-sports, performance competitions, corporate celebrations and so on need to use plexiglass medals in recognition, trophy medals not only have a viewing effect, he represents the sense of honor is the real motivation to motivate people, plexiglass The mediator's long as new as people whenever they see him have the courage to stand forward. Our company has been focused on the design of the acrylic trophy medal, the business has gradually become the main needs of market customers, the past decade, a significant increase in business volume.

With the deepening of environmental awareness, people strive to create a green environment of low-carbon living environment, followed by acrylic products will also be more and more recognized by the people. Acrylic with its own excellent environmental non-toxic characteristics, even if the combustion will not produce toxic and hazardous substances, favored by all walks of life, excellent transparency weather resistance and good processing performance to its icing on the cake, the development of more rapid, can be expected in the future The development of acrylic products will occupy the half of the market.