• Acrylic Box Bonding Problem

    Acrylic products processing acrylic adhesive is a very critical process steps, how to show the characteristics of crystal clear acrylic, acrylic tobacco reflect perceived value packaging products, and to maximize the grade of acrylic products taste, bonding technology has played a pivotal role. Adhesive acrylic box is mainly affected by two aspects, one is the applicability of the adhesive itself; second bonding techniques.

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  • The Features Of Acrylic Sheet And Its Production Process

    It can be the perfect combination to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic plastic is to improve the business store level , unified corporate image of the best form of outdoor advertising.

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  • The Using Of Acrylic organizer

    You can use these Acrylic organizer in office, homes, in your closets, on your dressing table, etc. Store personal items like cell phones, car keys, sun glares in these acrylic organizer that provide for securely storing items inside. These acrylic organizer have uniquely-designed, hinged lids that prevent the objects stored inside from toppling out.

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  • How To Make Your Jewelleries Eye-catching And Attract Your Customers

    Selling jewellery takes a lot of time, patience and effort. Just placing your jewellery on a plain table are obviously not enough to catch customers’eyes. It is very important to put your jewellery on suitable jewellery display which should be nice and fashionable, so that customers would stop and care your jewellery.

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  • The Notice Of Using Acrylic Rods

    The acrylic glass thermal expansion coefficient is large, its retractable metal of about nine times, device or fixed temperature change should be applied when considering leaving room for expansion and contraction.

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  • Why Acrylic Sheet Are So Popular Now

    it is very easy to form acrylic sheet into any shape. No matter for heart shape,apple shape,triangle and any shape that you can image,they are also possible,no need to make one new mould, so the artwork is very easy and the production cost is not high,which make the acrylic fabrication is affordable.

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  • How to custom made the lucite display box

    Place the remaining side on the top of lucite display box to cover the opening. Determine where you want to place the hinges and then attach them to the remaining side,then it is the door. Once the door is attached with hinges, you can keep the lucite display box up in the direction you intend for it to be in.

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  • Acrylic Sunglass Displays Are Good to Display Your Sunglasses

    If you think that it is a bit complicated and that you do not have talent in designing suitable acrylicc sunglass displays. You are welcome to provide us your drawing or specification or just your ideas and we can try to recommend some suitable acrylic sunglass displays for your selection and also we can custom design them for you.

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