• Plastic UV Adhesive Plastic Tips

    Unused plastic cap should be tightened immediately, kept under seal. This product is UV sensitive. In the storage and handling should try to avoid exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting. The product applications are dispensed black feed tube.

    2015-10-07 10:24:26 cropsong 57

  • The Notice Of Producing Acrylic Products

    The acrylic sheet cold expansion coefficient is large, due to temperature changes should be considered reserved for stretching gap. Only when cleaning acrylic sheet with 1% soapy water, soapy water with a soft cotton stick , not with a hard object or dry rub, otherwise the surface can easily be bruised.

    2015-09-22 09:35:15 cropsong 49

  • The Applications Of Acrylic Sheet

    Acrylic products are very popular in our life. New introduce the normal application of acrylic sheet, Please see details for more information, Any questions please contact with us !

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  • How To Chose Your Acrylic POP Displays

    It should be noted that it takes just a few seconds to understand about the concept presented by these acrylic POP displays, the efforts put in will greatly increase your sales volume. Thus, companies should take care of every minute aspect besides the choice of colors, arrangement of words and expression of their meaning.

    2015-09-08 15:45:38 cropsong 68

  • Application Of Acrylic Rods Tube

    Acrylic rods tube is made form the polymerization of methyl methacrylate. The features including with just toughness, resistance crack, good surface gloss, good mechanical properties, excellent insulation properties, smooth and transparent.

    2015-09-01 11:02:55 cropsong 51

  • Characteristics Of Acrylic Hard board

    Good weather and acid properties of acrylic plate, not because of the sun and rain over many years, and produce yellowed and hydrolysis phenomenon, long life, compared with other materials, products, long life of more than three years. Hard acrylic plate acrylic plate on the basis there has been further sublimation , a new breakthrough in terms of quality, characteristics. Here, we talk about Features Hard acrylic panels.

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  • Acrylic Sign Holder Is An Usefull Promotional Tool For Your Business

    If you are not currently using any type of sign holder or are still considering the question that how to advertise your products or services, please visit our website for more information and contact with us, We can customized acrylic displays accoring to your requirements and desired.

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  • Acrylic Features And the Application

    Acrylic also called PMMA, acrylic, the chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate. The Chinese name for acrylic are in English , translated is actually plexiglass . Hong Kong people more than called acrylic, it is a development of the earlier application plastic lens material.

    2015-08-10 11:42:18 cropsong 49